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This website provides information that will enhance your new or used car buying, selling or maintaining experience. For car care tips, auto research, how to maintain your car at its optimum value, below are some valuable links for you. Whether its service, sales, buying, selling, or leasing cars, its all here for you.

We provide car care tips, auto manufacturer contacts, car dealer tips, comparisons about buying and leasing cars, automotive service tips, auto finance, credit preparation, women's automotive tips, car warranty information, vehicle safety data, and much more on this website.

Our experienced team of professionals has contributed countless time providing you the best information enhancing the automotive buying and selling experience. With our experience OVER 25 YEARS in the automotive field, we have learned a lot about cars, their needs, costs, values, safety and upkeep. We want to pass on this VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE and experience to you. The useful information throughout this website are proven savings tips. Since the website launch in 1999, we have grown to a mega-source for automotive information.

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We encourage you to do your research and keep an open mind. At AutoNetDirect, we will enhance your knowledge and give you the confidence to make your auto purchase, and create confidence between you and the dealerships. We encourage you to realize that the dealerships can be a friendly and rewarding experience. At AutoNetDirect, our knowledge will get you there with total confidence.

This general distrust is a culmination of years of experience with sales tactics that are designed to grind down the consumer and line the pockets of the dealer. Don't let this be your way of thinking, as to the dealerships can be an asset to your purchase by providing service that your vehicle will inevitably need. Feelings such as these make for defensive shoppers who fear stepping foot into car dealerships. We believe that you should have a positive experience at the dealerships by the facts and the information we provide for you on this site. You want salespeople to treat you well, and they should. Try going into a dealership educated, what a concept.


The most painful scenario for first-time car buyers lies in determining what they can afford, or rather, what they can't afford. Know your budget, as this purchase is a semi long term commitment. Car dealers encourage you to buy as much car as your budget allows, but that's not the exact advice an economist would give you. Can you afford a car that costs as much as your annual salary? No. So how do you determine what you can afford? Get out that note pad. Map out your current expenses.


The next step in the car-buying process is determining what to buy. Which car is right for you? There is no easy answer to that question, though advertising agencies try their best to make your decision simple: "Choose us! You need this car because it's fun! It's reliable! It makes you unique!" The truth is, neither car companies nor ad agencies have any idea what you need. Only you can determine that. While automotive journalists usually favor cars that are fun to drive and good looking, those cars do not necessarily represent the best value for you, the consumer. Value is a subjective term that varies with each person's tastes and needs. You need to make a serious determination of your needs.


The Most Important Thing to do: Knowing True Market Value. Luckily, you're in the right place. AutoNetDirect is a great resource for car buyers, whether you're shopping for your first car or your tenth. That's because every new car buyer needs one essential piece of information in order to negotiate effectively: True Market Value


Financing & Loans

At this point, you should know which car you want to lease or buy. But before you run out to a dealership to do the paperwork, there are certain financial issues that must first be resolved. You should get at least two quotes for financing; one from an institution such as your bank or credit union and one from another source like what we offer on our contents page under financing. These quotes can usually be given over the telephone.


Before you buy a car or truck, AutoNetDirect suggests that you find out how much the new insurance premiums will cost in detail. We recommend that you get quotes on the vehicles you are interested in from your current agent, The reason we recommend large, well-known insurance companies is simple. Smaller companies could go bankrupt. They may refuse to cover damage. Their contracts may contain numerous loopholes.


Are programs offered by manufacturers to increase the sales of slow-selling models or to reduce excess inventories. Basically, incentives are simply the manufacturers' admissions that their cars are overpriced. Incentive or rebate programs are offered for a limited time, after which the marketing department gets together to decide what kind of an effect the program had on sales volume for that month.


If both financing and cash are offered for the same model, the buyer must choose which he or she would prefer. To decide, simply use a loan calculator to figure your loan on the car (with the interest rate your bank would charge), minus the rebate. Then calculate the full price of the car at the subsidized interest rate, which is always a better rate than what you'll get at your bank. If the loan will end up costing less with the low-rate financing than it would with the incentive money, then go with the low rate.