All You Need to Know about Queen Size Bunk Beds

Queen Size Bunk Beds

Queen size bunk beds are getting more and more popular these days. Having a bunk bed is a great investment.  What are the benefits of bunk beds? Should we buy bunk beds? Well, these are some common questions that you can ask yourself.

To help you learn more about these bunk beds so that you can make a right decision, you can read the rest of our article here.  Many parents would agree that bunk beds can be considered as a cute option for kids. If you want to give something beautiful for your kids, then bunk beds are one of those best choices.

Learn Pros and Cons of Queen Size Bunk Beds

Before you can decide whether you must buy queen size bunk beds or not, let’s learn their pros and cons. You can check their pros and cons that we have listed below.

Pros of Queen Size Bunk Beds

  • Using a queen size bunk bed allows you to create more space in your kid’s bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, then you have made a good decision if you choose a queen size bunk bed. One of the main benefits of using a bunk bed is that it offers more room than a standard bed. By choosing a bunk bed, you can also store other items such as mini wardrobes and toys.
  • It allows you to create separate beds. For parents who have more than one kid, then having a bunk bed is a great choice too. By using a bunk bed, parents can create separate beds easily. A bunk bed allows your kids to have their personal bed to sleep in. A bunk bed allows your kids to develop a good habit of sleeping independently.
  • Parents can manage their kids individually. If you have two young kids, then you know how frustrating the situation can be if one of your kids gets sick. Using a bunk bed allows you to manage your kids individually when you are dealing with this situation. In other words, you won’t find any difficulty when giving medication or changing the sheet.
  • A bunk bed is an ideal choice for vacation and cabin homes. If you are looking for a perfect bed for your vacation home, then a bunk bed is definitely your best solution. Since a bunk bed is a versatile and fun choice for your kids, adding them will make the atmosphere become more fun. There are also some bunk beds which can be converted into a single bed. It is a useful feature when you don’t need to use a bunk bed.
Queen over Queen Bunk Bed

Cons of Queen Size Bunk Beds

Once you have learned their pros, now let’s take a good look at some drawbacks offered by queen bunk beds.

Parents Need to Deal with Some Safety Issues

A bunk bed has lots of benefits, but there are also some issues that you need to consider seriously. It is possible that your kids may fall off the ladder while climbing down or up. Due to this reason, it is important that you tell your kids so that they should be more careful when climbing up or down.

Another important issue is that you need to ensure that there is enough space available between the two beds. By checking the space between the two beds, you can ensure that your kids won’t get hurt with the bottom of the bunk. Don’t forget to check the stability of the furniture too.

Queen Bunk Beds for Adults

How to Find the Best Queen Bunk Beds

We have some good tips for you so that you can find the best queen bunk beds. Most people realize how difficult it is when looking for the best bunk bed. Since there are so many models available out there, it is obvious that it can take a lot of time when shopping for a good bunk bed. If you are one of them, then there is no need to worry. We can help you find a good queen bunk bed that can accommodate your needs without wasting a lot of money.

Choose a Type

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the best type for your bunk bed. What you must know is that there is more than one type available that you can choose. You have to be more careful with the type that you choose. These types may range from a simple type to a complex type.

There are some factors that you can choose when choosing a type for your bunk bed. For example, you can consider the overall design of your room and your child’s needs. By considering these factors, it will help you to narrow down your option.

Learn How to Measure Your Room

Now you need to learn how you can measure the room. Knowing how to measure your room is important so that you don’t make a wrong choice. What you must do is to measure your room so that you can decide where you can place your bunk bed. These measurements will help you save your time when decorating the room with a bunk bed. Remember that you may choose a bunk bed that comes with some accessories such as stairs or ladders.

Choose What Features that You Want to Add

You already know that a bunk bed has lots of features. Each bunk bed has different features. You must know what features that you really need when buying a new bunk bed. You don’t want to choose a bunk bed that has features that you don’t really need. There are some bunk beds that come with a large desk so that it can provide more storage space.

Check Its Durability

Durability is an important factor that people consider when they buy furniture. You don’t want to choose one that is not durable. Choosing a durable bunk bed can ensure that you don’t have to replace it again in the future. You must know that your kids are fragile. However, they are not always gentle. Due to this reason, we want to ensure that our bunk bed won’t break easily.

Sturdy Bunk Beds for Adults

Pay More Attention to Other Extra Safety Features

Do you know that some bunk beds also come with extra safety features? Make sure that your bunk bed is suitable for your kids. The one who gets the top bunk must be the oldest one. For parents who have toddlers, then it is a good idea to choose a low-profile bunk bed.

Some Important Safety Tips You Must Know

Studies have shown that bunk bed injuries are quite common. These injuries can be caused by some factors. For example, it could be due to how the bunk bed is used. If you have kids who often play in a bunk bed, then it is not very surprising that accidents happen. Some injuries may arise due to faulty construction, but there are also other cases which are caused by unsafe behavior around the bed.

As we have said earlier that you must choose a bunk bed that comes with the most recent construction standards. But there are also other factors that you must know so that you can use this bunk bed safely. Check some safety tips and rules that we have listed below.

  • Don’t let your kids hang some items such as jump ropes or belts. If your kids hang these items, then they may pose a strangulation risk. Tell your kids that these items can be very dangerous.
  • Make sure that there is only one person on the top bunk at a time. Following this procedure is important so that there is no accident that may occur in the future.
  • If you have children under the age of six, then you must monitor their activities. You shouldn’t let your children left unattended in a room. Make sure that you don’t allow your children to use a bunk bed. The greatest instances of injuries are from falls.
  • If your child has a friend sleep over, then you must tell him these rules too. You need to ensure that all family members and guests know about these rules.
Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed Plans

Learn More about Bunk Bed Placement

The next thing that we need to consider is to learn more about the bunk bed placement. What you must know is that furniture placement will also play an important role.

It doesn’t matter whether you have cheap or expensive furniture in your home. Make sure that you learn more about furniture placement.

If you know how to place bunk beds correctly, then it will make it easy for your children to get in or get out of them. If you have no idea how to do it correctly, then you can read our tips below.

  • It is important that you don’t place your bunk beds against the window
  • Make sure that you don’t position your bunk bed near or under a ceiling fan.
  • Check whether there is a room available or not so that you can ensure that your children can sit up without bumping their head on the ceiling.

Learn More about Safe Bunk Bed Construction

Knowing some safety rules that we have mentioned earlier is important. But there are also other rules that you must know. You need to ensure that your bunk also meets some safety rules in construction. If you decide to buy a used bunk bed, then these rules are very important. Check some safety standards that we have listed here.

  • Check the rails on the top bunk. Make sure that they extend at least 5 inches above the top mattress of your mattress. Don’t forget to check the durability of the rails. These rails should be sturdy.
  • Check whether there are guard rails on the top bunk. Don’t forget to check the single opening for exiting and entering. It should be no more than 15 inches wide.
  • If you have a bunk bed that comes with accessories such as ladders or stairs, then you must check their durability too. You need to ensure that your kids use a sturdy ladder when leaving or entering the top bunk. In addition, the ladder should be free of clothes, toys, and other clutter.
  • Check the mattress that you want to use. Make sure that you have the right size for your bunk bed. Don’t use a smaller or larger mattress. If you use a larger or smaller mattress then it could hurt your child. Keep in mind that you must use a mattress that has the right size for the lower and top bunk.
  • You shouldn’t skip any steps on assembly. When it comes to putting your bunk beds together, it is important that you follow all the steps. Read the manual instructions and make sure that you don’t miss any information. Check whether you have all the parts that you need. If you notice that there are some parts that you don’t have, then you must contact the manufacturer so that you have all the parts needed. If you are not sure how to put your bunk beds together, then it is a good idea to let the seller assemble the furniture.
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The Bottom Line

Of course, there are still other important things that you must know once you have decided to use bunk beds. We already mention that bunk bed placement is also important. You must put the bed in a safe spot.

There are some locations that you can consider. For example, you can place the bed in a corner of the room. By placing the bed in a corner of the room, you can ensure that the bed has two walls to support it.

Remember that you must keep your bunk bed away from ceiling fans so that you can avoid any injury that may occur in the future. By reading some information about queen size bunk beds, you can ask yourself whether you should buy them or not.